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kitschycookids's Journal

26 August
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Recently 30-something American ex-pat living in Edinburgh. Grew up in the woods of Connecticut (although not in a feral-child way, there was a house involved) and now find myself in a big city with a husband and two toddlers. Nostalgic for the heady pre-children days of travelling, sleeping and solo trips to the bathroom. Avid reader, regular blogger, fabric junkie, self-confessed dork. There is nothing I can't make a graph for. Started my own business making funky clothes for kids while the two berserkers run amok in the background.
adjudicating fights between toddlers, alternative music, breaking bad, criminal minds, csi, fantasy movies and books, fringe, frothy crime fiction, general dorkiness / geekhood, heroes, indie music, lost, pizza, reading, sarcasm, sci-fi, sewing!, snark, travel (way back when), true blood